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Let us be the creative engine that sparks innovation for your bottle

Your bottle is your brand’s signature statement.

Together, we’ll elevate its visual impact and create a striking impression that sets your custom bottle leagues ahead of the competition. 

The 1-stop shop bottle manufacturer for your spirits & liquors

Rockwood is the largest French-owned ceramic and glass bottle factory and bottler in China. It produces 500+ million classic & exclusive bottles for some of the most prominent premium brands in the spirits and beverages arena, annually. This is where premium quality meets cost efficiency and short lead times. 

Where quality meets cost efficiency and short lead times.

Latest news and insights

Tequila uncovered: A guide to quality, varieties, and craftsmanship

Tequila is a spirit steeped in tradition and craftsmanship. And while its reputation for salt-licking, shot-downing, lime-sucking party antics has lasted decades, the 2010s and 2020s have seen a growing appreciation for premium and artisanal tequilas. This has led to a more nuanced understanding of tequila as a complex and high-quality spirit, suitable for both the nightlife scene and sophisticated tasting. But what exactly makes a tequila premium and a symbol of refinement? Let's delve into the intricate world of tequila, exploring the factors that contribute to its quality, the different types, and the unique regions that produce the best tequila in the world.

Unveiling the science & art behind well-fitted closures, corks, and caps for alcoholic beverages

Meticulous sealing techniques between the “finish” (the moth of the bottle’s neck), and the “closure” (cork or cap) are required to guarantee 100% leak-free bottles and untainted product…without leaving aesthetics behind. Can both science and art be combined to provide consumers with an optimal experience from a noteworthy bespoke bottle? Leading bottle manufacturing companies, such as French-owned Rockwood Glass in Shanghai have R&D specialists and design teams who work together to achieve commendable results.

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